Is this thing real or just a passing fad? I have tried it several times with no success but I am still learning about this new set-up. I see and hear alot of fisherman talking and using this thing but really dont hear them saying they are real happy with the results! Kinda reminds me of that 90s lure that was all over the Tv and the fishing shows I think it was called the Flying Lure System or something like that where the lure would swim away from ya and right into the fishes mouth! Yeah Right!!!!Well I'm a Jig and Pig guy and like to fish slow and with several years of fishing the lakes here in East Tn. I have learned that when the temp heats up in the summer and the water gets warm and the sun goes down the best results is slow fishing with jigs and worm. But I am wondering what ya'll think about this new rig?