Well after having a terrible day " I thought " at maryville shooting the state qualifier . The course was set up pretty decent . With a 30 yard max in novice , it was set up on the longer side , more shots upper 20's to 30 . Half the targets were downhill . The rest were pretty flat . First 3 targets I shot 8's about 6 " high and I still have no idea why . After that I settled in and started going center 10 and if they fell down in the 12 that would be a plus . Well after shooting another 8 or 2 I ended up finishing even . Well I was 100% sure I wasn't winning with an even score but was hoping to atleast qualify .

I called to check the scores and see what place I finished and to my surprise I ended up winning somehow . I guess the range was harder than I thought if even won it . I was feeling pretty discouraged about my round too .

P.S. I'm glad I had my muck boots , there was a stretch of targets where we were standing in about 8 inches of water .
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