I went to missouri for the week to turky hunt. Spotted a huge gobbler,jake,2 hens in a crop field over the small swollen creek and up a 20 ft bluff. I waited by creek until dark and watched the huge black gobbler crash threw branches and roost halfway up a large tree. I snuck back in before daylight with bro in law. I figured tow 3.5 12s fired at once could knock out gobbler at 60-70 yds. We reAch creek edge and gobbler still 70-90 yds away just out of reach. What to do?? I knew fly down was going over fence to crop field. I am committed now. I find sloping bank into swollen creek,take off coat and vest. I slip into the dark swirling water with a submerged tree at my back to save from sweeping away. The cold water is shocking sucking my breath away. I move to far bank 15yds. Bank is tall and newly collapsed. My boots get stuck and I can't get onto tree trunk. I have to back out and move 20yds downstream. One hole was neck deep. Argh! I find another barkless mossy husk that I might climb to stand on far bank. I struggle with cold and slowly balance onto log and onto bank. I am breathing hard. I look up and gobbler head against the sky looks like a snake doing figure 8. I point 3.5 12 ga 870 hevi shot magnum blend as fast I can. BOOM gobbler falls out of tree at 35yds and no flopping dead as a tater sack. I am excited till I remember now it is back into creek with gun and now 25 lb turky. I slid back in almost falling forward under water and waded back across. Got home 15 min later tired and cold but happy.