After a long fight with cancer my first cousin passed last night
He survived a liver transplant march of 2012 only to come down with cancer. He was in his mid to late 40's and left 4 boys and step daughter. One son a year older than tyler (my son) and one same age and 1 a year younger and another 2 years younger. His wife of several years is one of the sweetest persons and her brother is a member here ( double browtine).

My cousin and I werent super close seeing each other about 1x or 2x a year but he has always been there for me.

when i was 16 I ran a way from home actuall drove my mustang and where did i go up here from south alabama all the way here to nashville to his place. he set me down had a long talk with me and kept dad from killing me or beating me senseless i remembered he bought me a meat lovers pizza from pizza hut now that is family.

when i got divorced in 2009 he was working at the bank in ashland city he called me told me not to worry he;d take care of everything he refinanced the house getting my ex off the house and land it was just so nice having him take care of it

we are the only 2 grand boys of my grandmother any one that knows me knows what she meant to me. heck for years she call me his name it was a big joke between me and her. when my step grad father died april 2008 granny was getting real bad off she couldnt do nothing with out help we were at the funeral home and she had to go to the bathroom ao me and my cousin had to take her and sit her on the toilet and i remember his words like he was saying them right now "there are just some things a grandson shouldnt see" i thought that was so funnny and of course true.

I really hate that he is gone but especially for his wife and kids
Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know