Hunted with my brother and a buddy this morning on a farm I have never hunted. I was trying to get my brother a bird since he hasn't been able to hunt much this spring. I spotted a strutter several hundred yards across a huge field with my binoculars and we made our move. I kept check on him as we moved around to make our setup. I noticed that he eased back in the woods and told him I was kinda glad he did because I felt like if we could get across the field without getting busted we would have a great chance of him coming back out. The wind was gusting and I felt like the birds would stay in this bottom tucked against the woodline. Ten minutes after we got set up I spotted a big head easing back out in the field. We were tucked back in some thick stuff to stay hid but his visibility wasn't so good in the back corner where the bird appeared. A few seconds later and some soft calls I noticed two more gobblers entering the field and coming right down the woodline. I was giving him the play by play and telling him to be ready because the way they were coming they would be 10 yards or less from him the way he was set up. One of the birds began to strut and I saw that he had a full fan so I knew it was game on. They hung up about 35 yards but he was unable to see them. A hen came slipping down the field within just a few feet of him and started putting. Through the brush I could see the strutter let down and began to walk away. He gave me the go ahead so I slowly positioned myself for a shot, I found a small opening and gave a couple clucks on my mouth call. He raised his head for the last time.