Well i decided to hit up Yanahli this morning and see if i could finally connect. The last two times ive been to this spot i have gotten real close to where they are roosting and they always end up on the wrong side of the river, which stinks but atleast both sides of the river are public land. Well today was no different except that i decided enough was enough and i waded across the river and put the stock on this guy. It was just him and 8 hens so i never even bothered calling, i just snuck and crawled until i was in a spot i thought they were coming to. After 10-15 minutes of sitting there the hens made there way towards me with the tom following. They must have saw me move or something because they started getting real vocal and doing a lot of looking. They turned around and slowly made there way back where they came from. I thought this might be my only shot so i stood up and shot. I thought it was around 50 yards and i was shooting 3 1/2 heavy shot so i might stand a chance. He dropped in his tracks and when i walked it off it was 62 steps, which was a lot further than i would have thought. I saw where there were 3 hits to his head and neck area and that might have been it. Anyways sorry for the long read but the heavy shot turned out to be worth the money today. His spurs were 15/16 and 1 1/8 with a 10" beard and he weighed 22.3 lbs