I was hoping to drag my dad out to catch a good mess of white bass and maybe some crappie at the creek mouths on the TN River yesterday.

Since we live pretty far from the river (edge of Memphis), we don't get out there enough to really have our finger on the pulse of the fishing scene. The river was up pretty high, making the fish a bit harder to find. Water clarity was very good, on the other hand.

We ended up keeping 4 big bream and 7 decent white bass, but none to get very excited about. 2 of the white bass were caught by trolling a crankbait (sort of an afterthought while moving from one spot to another, but it worked). The rest of them were caught on paddle-tail soft plastic baits.

We only got to fish for about 4 hours, which was A LOT of driving for such a short trip. I had to go back to work that afternoon, and we hit a couple snags on the way out, so we really didn't start fishing til about 7 AM.

If I had to do it all over again, I think we should have hit the lower lake portion of either Kentucky or Pickwick lakes for crappie, or moved closer to the dam for white bass. There were no crappie being caught in the backs of the creeks where we went - I guess we were too early for that.

Makes me wish I had more opportunities to hit the river. I love fishing it, I just don't know it all that well. We had a blast with the great weather, zero crowds, and light breeze. Skipjack were biting everywhere we went, so there was always something to catch.
I'm hungry and tired. Don't poke my belly.