Woke up today thinking, it's warm and it supposed to storm tomorrow so I'm gonna go fishing. Packed everything and headed out. Got on the bank at Roaring River here in Jackson County, and started fishing under the bridge, and it's a good thing, cause for an hour straight it was lightning, very windy, and raining hard but I stuck it out. Great day, and strange day (view the pics to find out why lol).

First off, when I got there, by the river was I guess a "tree of death"...covered in vultures.

Well, after catching a few yellow bass I finally kept one, and then I caught a drum, so I wanted to keep one to finally see what they taste like. All of a sudden my stringer went crazy so I went to investigate, and this is what I found...crazy right?!

Well I knew it was just a water snake so I decided to catch it and take a few pics...got too close once I guess lol.


After the snake incident I ended up catching many yellow bass, little 10" largemouth bass, rock bass, another drum (still gonna see what they taste like, and I keep the otoliths from them), and I did catch a catfish (to me close enough to the perfect eating size, so it came home with me too).

All in all great/different day lol. Sorry for the long post.
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