well the birds at this particular farm have been kicking my tail. but I though today I finally figured them out. I went money afternoon and put a blind right in the middle of a big field that they have been flying into and hanging out. we did not call to them at all while they were on roost because we know they usually fly into this field. and they did all but the long beards! only one long beard flew into the field. and I think he saw u or something but he took off but no other turkeys did. then we hit the call and the hammered and one of my best friends called in this bird for me. he came all the way down the ridge it was a 40 yard shot I popped him he rolled in the creek as you can tell in the pictures he is soaked. all in all a great hunt so blessed!

23.5 pounds. 10 3/4 inch beard 1 1/8 inch spurs