Had a decent evening yesterday. We didn't get down there until a little after 5. Caught a couple of decent sm and some KYs. I lost another bigger sm at the boat while trying to let little man wind it in. He wants to wind them all in, and then tell everybody that he caught them all. \:\) Good times.......

I love having a son that is so hooked on the outdoors. He was after catfish last night instead of bass though. I bet that he said 25 times that he was going to catch a catfish. I told him that what we were throwing and how we were doing it would probably not catch a catfish. He then asked what to catch catfish on. I said well some sort of live bait like a bluegill, nightcrawlers, or a minnow. He said well, this swim bait looks just like a minnow so they will think that it is a minnow, and I am going to catch one. \:\) Pretty good logic for a 5 year old.

We then heard a loon let out whatever kind of sound that they do. He said, Daddy what is that, that sounds just like an elk. Are there elk in America? I said well that is not an elk, but it sounds pretty darn close, never thought of it that way. He is a pretty slick little dude that pays super attention to detail and hard to slip anything by him.

I pray to fish until my dying day. When it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray, when in the Lord's safe landing net & I'm at peace that in His mercy I be judged big enough to keep.