Last Friday was the first time for her in the woods this spring.... with the help of our host Hollar Hunter and alot of luck, she scored a good bird.

22lbs, 2ozs on weight
1 3/16" & 1 5/16" spurs
9 7/8" beard

To say we worked for this bird is an understatement!! HH can attest to that.... 2 miles hiking, 250 yards belly crawling in creek bottom between the creek (river after the heavy rain Thursday) and large open field.... having hens within 8 feet and practically walking over us... flushing them across the creek during mid day set-up and then calling two gobblers and a hen back to our side of the creek.... then 20 yards spittin-n-drumin when the safety was clicked off, was all priceless.... 5+ hour ordeal and it was finally over.... She had the best shot as I was facing the other direction... or it could have been a possible double....

Thanks again HH for the hunt of her life!!
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