Me and bud finally got our schedules together to get to some high elevation for a day of fishing for brook trout in a remote tiny stream. What a time we had! There is no trail and you basically got to rock climb up the creek since the rhodenderon is so thick on the banks. The fish were there but the stream didn't fish as well as it has for me in the past, still good though. I had brand new 3wt I've been looking forward to getting wet and it was a blast on the little fish except it really lacked the backbone for casting any distance the few times I needed to. Anyway, a few pics of the day...
This is what Brookie water looks like.

You know there's got to be a fish in there!

Watch that back cast!

Most fish looked like these.

Skinny water!

Higher up, the fish got bigger, two were just shy of t.a.r.p. by a inch. (If it mattered)

And lastly, the pro's who made it happen! Lol
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