got out this morning and made a very last min decision to change spots from where i was planning on going this morning. Got all set up and wouldnt you know they were hammering like crazy on the other side of the creek where i was going to get originally. Well i guess it was just meant to be because i somehow talked all the hens into flying down on my side (one literally landed 3 ft from me when she pitched down into the field which scared the crap out of me) and this tom and another flew the creek and strutted into range. not sure how the hens didnt bust me though as they were at times less then 10 yds from me.

on a side note: i had a single Hevi#7 shell in my bag so thats what I put in this morning. Man that shell can do some crazy damage!!

1.25 spurs
11" beard


John 3:16