So, I'm doing a garden this year for the first time. I've helped my papaw in years past, but never done one on my own. I am attempting to go with only heirloom seeds. So, back in mid-February I started some tomato seeds (Red Brandywines, Marianna's Peace, and Livingston's Favorite). Two months later almost and this is what they look like. I guess they are roughly 3" tall, some have started to show their true leaves so last week I re-potted them into larger containers. I started them in Jiffy organic mix, and replanted them in Organic potting soil. Should they look yellow like this? I know these aren't the best pics in the world but what do you think??? What else do you need to know? I've kept them under flourescent lights inches away from the plant, and about a week ago I started putting them outside for a couple hours in the sunlight then I would bring them back in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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