I have turkey hunted very little this year due to tournament fishing, but that is okay. I had planned on setting up on a bird yesterday morning well before daylight but just couldn't get out of bed for a turkey that early. I was wore out from fishing on Saturday. I got up about 6 and headed out.

I got on a bird first thing that was gobbling his head off. The problem was that I needed to circle him and had to make an agressive move to get in front of him. That didn't work as I bumped him. He went the opposite direction but still gobbling. I circled to try and cut him off, but that didn't work. He was basically now standing in one spot not far from where he was at before. I made a move on him again to get around him, but he didn't want to play then. He would gobble at everything that I offered but wouldn't come in. I was pretty ticked that I had bumped him to start with.

Plan B - He was gobbling about every 2 minutes so I could keep dibs on his position. I decided to put a Mohican sneak on him in the woods. I knew that I would have a chance as the lay of the land allowed for a stalk but also know how difficult it is to stalk one in the woods. His gobbling helped. I was within about 60 yards of him two or three times, but the lay of the land didn't allow for me to see him. I finally slipped up over a rise and there was my chance at 40 yards. It isn't the way that I would have scripted it, but sometimes you have to improvise.

20.5 lbs
9.5" super thick beard
Spurs just shy of 1"

I pray to fish until my dying day. When it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray, when in the Lord's safe landing net & I'm at peace that in His mercy I be judged big enough to keep.