Long Read but GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD, If you enjoy my blogs!

What a morning is all i wll say to start with, what a weekend at that. AS most of you know I was able to take my first double bearded bird on saturday with REN watching it all unfold. Good Hunts with good friends is what drives me to return to the woods its what gets me out of the bed at 3am for a hour and a half road trip. But little did i know that Sundays hunt would unfold with such a bang with my BEST friend in the whole world! lets jump back a week to last sunday in trousdale co the season was finally looking up for us as Cody and I almost doubled twice in 1 day 3 times as a matter of fact we read the birds perfectly stalked em even better we just couldnt get in sync together for the shot and I didnt want to let selfishness overtake a good time with my baby brother and dad in the background videoing it all unfold. We got a game plan together that would be certain to work, its simple set up a blind righ ton the edge of the woods were the turkeys naturally funnel between 2 patches of woods and go across the field to another property. We arrived and got everything set up on the smallest clutter of trees imaginable and was sure we would stick out like a sore thumb. The morning came alive with gobbling in the distance but none close to where we thought they were coming out of the woods. Started seeing hens coming out where we seen em the weekend before but no toms or jakes with em??? We are confused at this point and debating on going after a gobblin bird near the back of the property. The hens started working towards us and we were filming everything off in the distance. Once they got to see the decoys set up in front of the blind they kinda came across the top of the field quickly, only thing we can figure is she spooked due to the bind being there and her not used to it? Another flock of hens came off the hill and were working slowly to us, I stood up in the blind and was filming them in the bottoms and all the suddden GOOOOOOBBBBLLLLLLLLEEEEEE off in the distance on the hill behind the girls. As i turned to look i see 2 bigger birds in a solid walk not strutting but coming right to our property. I get back in my chair and asked cody to call softly when i tell him too, the birds are walking across the bottom at this time and he yelps softly the last gobbler stops and looks a hard look up on the hill at killer B and keeps walking at this point I'm thinking its over we can defeat 6 hens right there for one strutter decoy and a hen in breeding position. I see 3 red heads pop up on top of the rise still out at 100 yards then one blows into strut. Ok maybe still have a chance they work over the hill slowly and start committing to the decoy and I say to Cody "O its on son get ready this is it" 3 gobblers are coming over the hill in a fast walk almost trot of march if you will I have no time to film them coming in just reach up to my capture you hunt gopro mount which is on my gun and hit record. Raise my gun up and you see 3 gobblers coming in hard, I then say to cody "Let me know" safety click they all 3 gobble in unison as one loudly right at the blind 20 yards in front of us and I hear "NOW!" and I squeeze the trigger! Funny thing was I only heard one gun shot, we had shot right on que with each other and there in front of us laid 2 longbeards graveyard dead! I could almost cry doubling with someone is a hard thing to do but to accomplish something like this with your best friend and someone you have spent your life with was unbelievable! I ended up shooting the strutter and he busted another nice gobbler! Mine ended up being 20lbs and had a 9.5 inch beard with 7/8 inch spurs, Codys weighed 18.5 had a 9 inch beard and 7/8 inch ivory spurs!

<(((< Bowfish or NO FISH!