awesome weekend! birds gobbling everywhere. I was all over them Saturday but couldn't get any to come in.

sunday morning I took a guy from work that had not killed one yet. we went to the same place I went Saturday but most seemed to be with hens and wouldn't come in so we went to another farm.

we got out of the truck and walked about 100 yards out a ridge and I stopped to try and locate a bird. I hit the crow call with no luck so I yelped real loud and 1 gobbled only 60 yards down the hill. we sat down and put our masks on and I yelped one last time and 2 gobbled at the same time. this time they were only 30 yards right under the hill. seconds later I heard footsteps then I saw 3 or 4 heads pop up at 20 yards. we counted to 3 and shot.


dang the luck though. they turned out to be jakes. they sounded mature when they gobbled and all we could see were their heads. oh well, it was a very fun and productive weekend and he got his first of the year! both were about 15 lbs, 5" beards and 1/2" spurs.

here is one of the feathers out of my fan. very neat I thought.


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