I put a Deer Cocaine block out a few weeks ago in front of my camera. When I went to swap out the memory card Saturday the salt block was gone but I just figured it had melted with all the rain. After swapping the card out I was walking away from the camera and saw a white object on the ground about 40 feet away. It was the salt block about half melted from the rain. I picked it up and put it back in front of the camera. When I got back to the house I found these pictures that I think prove how the salt got moved. You can't see the coyote's head to prove it carried the salt away but the salt was found just a few feet beyond where he stood in this picture. There have been two coyotes hanging around this camera a lot lately and they have even defecated in the salt lick twice. These two need some 22 centerfire treatment for sure.

Here is the salt block:

Less than 4 minutes later it is gone and this coyote is running away: