This morning started slow with 3 birds gobbling one time each. So i start checking areas and about 8 am i come up to a big cuttover and see one strutting all the way across probably 1/4 mile away. I loop back into tall pines and cut the distance. I come out and check and sure nuff hes still there. I range him at 177 yards with nothing between us but briars and sage grass. Theres a log road headed right too him that is about a foot lower than surrounding area. I start the crawl. When i get to where i thought he was i cant see him but there is a mowed lane heading out into cuttover so i start slowly crawling out it and i spot him down the lane. I range him at 87 yards. I watch him for a little and he struts out into briars. I start low crawling right at him and come up to a big briar patch that should put me in range. I look around and spot hens too my left and i hear him spit directly in front of me close! I slowly stand up and there he is strutting at 30 yards. He raises his head up and i blast him. Hens flew off every direction but he was done.

20 lbs even
1 1/16 spurs
10 inch beard

Ill take it.

The remington did work this morning!
Let em go and let em grow!
There is a difference in a turkey killer and a turkey hunter!