Saturday morning I called in 3 longbeards from a spot I hunt every now and then by the river bluff. All the early gobbling was across the Cumberland River. About 630 I heard a gobble on my side of the river. I called and got gobbling from what I thought was 3 birds. They finally showed up walking and gobbling / drumming all the way. Well, I blew it one by shooting over the head of the lead longbeard. But having them all 3 gobbling while coming in was a sight to see and hear......

This morning I went to my honey hole. I wasn't disapointed. At this set up they either come up the hill in front of me, which is a field or come up the hill behind me through the woods. This longbeard gobbled in the woods behind me so I turned around and called to him. He responded each time and I could tell he was moving to me. About 10 minutes later he was gobbling just out of my sight and down the hill. I lightly called and scratched the leaves a bit and I heard him walking. In just a minute I saw his head poking up. He was to my left a bit and as he went behind a tree I moved the gun to be on him. When he stepped out from behind the tree I was on him.

Double beard with 9 inches and 6 1/2 inches, 3/4 inch spurs. Guessing him at abut 20 lbs.

Saw birds all along Hwy 25 driving home in fields. Lots of strutting going on.

Vegitarian is an old Indian word that means "Bad Hunter".