Checked my black flash Wildview which I hadn't checked in weeks. it's been set over a trophy rock since mid-february. Lots of does last time I checked..

Well I got there and first noticed the lens, LCD and flash were fogged over from the inside. Moisture getting in the camera, not very good...

Opened it up to check the card and there were ants in there. LCD came on, but then flaked out. Last pic was taken on March 26. Opened battery compartment and another good clump of ants was all over the batteries. They made their home in there and got through some opening due to flaw in the design. Camera has sturdy latches and it was completely shut, but not designed well, and moisture and ants made a home inside my camera and now it doesn't work anymore.

Well, it took good pics while it lasted. Any recommendations for an affordable IR or black flash camera?