Hooked up with REN this morning in trousdale co. We have hunted with each other for about 2 years now and just can't connect on anything when we go, we see stuff just can't close the distance. Well this morning was a different story. Had birds all over us this morning and after flydown 3 gobblers can below and behind us and all i could hear was spit and dummin and foot steps with an occasional wing drag IT WAS AWESOME! As i turn slowly back to my left to check the field there was a field full of turkeys only about 20 yards away MAX! I seen that was was accompanied by mostly hens and jakes and I guess the gobblers that came in below and behind us did that to cut this flock off at the top of the field while they checked out the sweet talk by REN! Finally in the back of the flock this guy was bringing up the rear cupped fan in half strut kinda in a little jog to keep up with the flock. We both seen him at the same time and I hear "Kill him Spit" "Kill Him" "Killed that Fool" he was tooooooooooooo up which I was too about to die there in front of me was the Blackcloud cure in full strut. I asked Jaymie to cut at him to pull him out of strut a=but he didnt hear me so i shot him in full strut right before he stepped completely out of the veiwfinder. Unbelieveable morning to say the least. We checked him out closed the video and carried him to a good picture taking area he always uses and I looked downa and said "Man I blew some beard out" O nevermind its a Double Beard Ha Ha!!!!!!

Not my biggest bird but as pretty of a fan I will ever see for TN IMO!

9" beard
3.5" beard
7/8" spurs

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