went up to yanahli today for first time and brought back a jake. seen 11 birds total today all but 3 was on yanahli land. got there later than i wanted and was done good and daylight heard a couple gobble but they wasnt responding to my calling, so i started walking around sneaking up to field edges looking for birds. had two in one field but didnt see the birds till they done saw me and couldnt tell if they was males or not so didnt take a shot on them before they flew off. then went to another field about dinner and seen a bird bout 800 yrds away at the end of the field and was able to walk within 150yrds of them then started the ol belly crawl and got to within about 60 yrds and could see that there was 6 of them and they had done worked into the woods next to the river. so i circled around and looked in the other fields and came back along the river where they was headed and spotted them about 70 yrds away and did the belly crawl again and got to within 45-50 yrds from them and they starting walking away so i let one of them have it. far as i could tell they was all jakes didnt see no longbeards in the bunch. sorry for long post but all in all it was a pretty good first hunt.