I know I already have 1 TnDeer member looking for me, but figure it can't hurt to ask everyone.

I've had alot of close calls but have yet to find a lease for next year or longer if possible. A few "almosts" from Craigslist and a co-worker said I could hunt her family farm, then the company let her go and she's not answering emails.

If anyone knows of any open leases within about 90 minutes of Hendersonville(but in TN)I'd consider myself in debt for the information. I have a $800 budget and don't need anything huge. I'd rather prefer somewhere smaller, 30-50 acres.

I'm willing to team up for a larger property to increase the budget if that's needed. I'm willing to hunt with the land owner. However I have found a young man that hasn't deer hunted but wants to learn, so I feel even more pressure to find somewhere to go with him. I'm not asking for his help in paying since I don't know how much he'll enjoy it, but he's definatley ready to go work and learn.

I love working on the property in the off season and am going a bit stir crazy not being out there now.

Any information is welcome and thank you for reading.

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