Deer fellow hunters:

It has been brought to my attention that a portion of the Yanahli WMA located off of Iron Bridge Rd is up to be appropriated to be a county park. The county parks director is looking to develop the land into trails for horse back riders, canoers, etc and to build some type of pavilion to display historic artifacts. The amount of land equates to over 400 acres located along the Duck River across from the boat ramp on Iron Bridge Rd with a possible large amount of land added in the future along with talks of a potential state park. I have contacted my local NWTF chapter but have not heard back from them. I have already talked to some county commissioners about this and am unsure about their stance on this. The state TWRA office has already written a letter of support for this project to the county due to TVA's guidelines when they gave the land to TWRA to manage stating along the lines of "allowing some of it to be used for other recreational uses and wildlife watching"; therefore, TWRA pretty much has to support the project although all do not agree with it. This land will be CLOSED to hunting if approved.

Where we stand now: This has gone to the Health and Environment Committee and Budget Committee and has passed and is now sent to the full commission (Maury County). If the commission approves it at their next meeting it will allow the county to enter into negotiations with TWRA concerning insurance, lease agreements, etc. and will allow them to begin applying for grants to develop the property. I was told by the Maury County Mayor that this would have to go back in front of all the committees and commission for final approval once the agreements and insurance were worked out. I would like for it to not make it that far.

Hunter are continuously losing land to hunt on and I am not willing to just let this land go without my voice being heard. I am looking for support from members on here who not only hunt Yanahli, but are just overall concerned about our hunting rights. The meeting will be held in the Tom Primm Commission Room located @ 6 Public Square in Columbia, TN.

The county commissioner who proposed this is Linda Whiteside and her phone number is: 931-285-2250 and her email is:

I would like all of you to call and let her know that the current hunting use of the land is adequate and that the reappropriation will not only deprive hunters, but will take money from the local economy. Yanahli draws hunters from all over the state, southeast, and farther which brings in a large revenue stream to this county. I hunt Yanahli myself and saw plates from Arkansas, Mississippi, New York, Florida, Alabama, and KY, and these were just the ones I saw. If we allow this portion of the land to be taken, where will it stop?

Catman529....I better get some support from you!!! : )

Attached are the articles in the Columbia Daily Herald: