I was a little surprised that the Republicans skipped out on the gun control bill filibuster, allowing it to move forward to debate by a vote of 68-31. 16 Republicans crossing the aisle to allow it to go forward including Burr, who had been set to join the filibuster.

While it is merely speculation, I think several things are going on here:

Republicans have decided to give Obama the “up or down vote” he’s badgered and waved the blood shirt for, in order to give the appearance of compromising.
Republicans are figuring that they’re now turning the tables on Red State Democrats and moderate Republicans, forcing them to come out and record an up or down vote.
Republicans have plotted to fill the legislation—whatever it turns out to be—with “poison pill amendments” that will either force Harry Reid to pull the bill, or force Democrats to vote against it, OR put enough pro-gun legislation in there to more than offset any background check compromise.

NO SUPRISE TO ME BUT THEN AGAIN THE REPUB ARE THE GOOD GUYS. There are a lot they could do but they wont do it

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