I got my second of the season this morning. Got set up before light in same spot I killed #1 and waited, well at 7:01 am I heard something. Wasnt quite sure as it was 700-800 yards off. He gobbled 3 times before i made up my mind that it was a gobble. Hauled over to his ridge and was closing the distance. I thought he was bout 150 yards still yet and I was gonna get to 100 and plop down and start work. Well I took not even 5 more steps and he hammered not even 75 yards to my left. I immediately set down and waited 5 mins and gave him some soft calling. Nothing, never heard from him again. Waited till 9 calling lightly every so often but no luck. I got up and swung down in the holler and made it bout 1/4 mile when I struck one up. 15 mins later I had a strutting jake with a full gobble in front of me gobblin his fool head off. I just sat and watched for 20-25 mins or so. Finally decided to put an end to the show at hand and treat the jake like the big boy he was acting like. Misjudged my distance. Was thinking he was bout 50 but rolled him up at 68 yards. Even at that distance his head was mush. 5" beard, 1/2" spurs and 15 lbs.#2 only 2 left.
Listen to what the elderly have to say, you might just learn a few life lessons along the way.