You know how you are riggin up your line say to fish for bream and the line gets wrapped around the end of your rod?

Then you kinda grab the end of it and bend it just a little with one hand and unwrap the line with the other?

Just FYI, if you grab it JUST right and bend it JUST enough,,,, the end of your rod will snap off in your hand.

Maybe if I spent more it wouldn't have, but then again ya never know.

Time for a new rod I guess.

On the bright side me and man whacked the bream this afternoon.
I caught 25 and he managed 13.

I didn't have time to clean them so we threw them all back.
All but about 6 or so were big enough to dress too.

He got fish of the day with a 9 1/2"
I came in second with a flat 9"


We had a really really good time today.
For whatever reason it felt really special today.
Youth is wasted on the young.