Took off work today to give a WMA a chance since the private land I've been hunting wasn't paying off. I bumped a hen in the first 20 minutes off my hunt and proceeded to wander for hours without seeing or hearing anything. Then as I was walking the edge of a field I bumped a tom! As he ran into the woods it took everything I had to not go back to the truck. Instead I circled around the woods to get closer to where I saw him and set up and called a few times...and nothing. Finally I saw him and he was heading straight at me and would eventually give me a perfect 15 yard shot. At a he last minute he changed directions and I was forced to take a 35 yard shot through light brush and he dropped like a rock!
This is my 1st season and 1st bird! 19lbs., 9 3/4'' beard, and 1'' spurs. Very proud!

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