Hey Everyone,

This is my first spring turkey hunting and I've run into an issue a number of times and I wanted to get everyone's take on it.

So I hunt on public land, and am already seeing why people talk so much trash about it. Every time we have been hunting we have run into other hunters... so here is my question:

- How do you ensure that you do not set up too close to another hunter, and how should you ensure they do not set up too close to you?

We set up on the edge of a field one time and had a guy start shooting his gun in the air and yelling because he heard us calling and thought we were too close. He ruined our hunt and probably some other people's just because we couldn't see him hiding 100 yards into the woods. We saw his truck and realized that we were actually there well before the other guy, but we like to sit quiet for a while in between calls so he didn't realize we were there. My buddy and I just got up and left because our day was obviously done, but walking out, we had no clue what we should have done differently.

What obligation does a responsible hunter have to check for other hunters and is there a standard signal to alert other hunters you are there without ruining your hunt?