6 hunts this year for the first 4 hunts I never heard or saw a bird. I talk to many turkey hunters that are much more successful than I and they seem to be movng aroung much more than I am. That said My last two hunts have gone something like this Saturday me and a buddy who hasnever killed a bird spook them off their roost first thing in the morning must have been 5-10 birds nothing we vcould do we only moved a few feet ointo the woods and they were right there. We set up and eventually they returned and we had a coup;e of toms hang up at what im guessing is 80-100 yards. move or not? we decided not to move and i called him into what im guessing is 30 yards behind me , he gobbles once and never returns...Tonight i go set up on a field edge and begin to call softly and within 20 minutes im gettting 3-4 gobbles every 5 minutes or so sometimes closer, sometimes further. are they different birds? I play this game for 40 minutes and decide I done have much time left. I make a move, grab my decoys, head towards where the birds last gobbled. I move 100-150 yards or so let out a few soft calls and nothing. as im grabbing my stuffto move again a tome crosses the logging road 40 yards waay and im busted...Question and I know there is no perfect answer but is patience the key or moving on birds that are gobbling? any tactics or basic " rules" that im missing, Im not above any advice. Thanks looking forward to hearing what the experts have to say.