Our property is in Wayne County, Illinois. Last year, we had 5 different tracts leased. This year, we plan to have that many or more. Anyone reading this should understand that we are Firearm Hunting Only. That's how the group was initially set-up, and that is the plan for the future. There will be NO bowhunting (please don't ask), as our strategy is to hunt unpressured properties. We do not have a size, score, age limit on our properties. However, there is a 1 buck rule in our group. So, when you put that buck on the ground, you are finished buck hunting for the year. Make sure you will be happy with your buck before pulling the trigger, as we will be happy for you.

The majority of our farms are along waterways in river bottoms. They contain timber and thickets that adjoin MAJOR agriculture, with numerous pinch points (stand sites). Our remaining properties are on slightly higher ground. They are made up primarily of timbered lots, thickets, CRP; and they have, or join, major agriculture.

Our fees are $1,250 per person. In addition, the Illinois Firearm tag is $300 (which will need to be applied for/acquired in June). The hunting license is around $56 (can't remember this one for sure at the moment, but you don't have to buy this or the Habitat stamp until you are ready to hunt), and the Habitat Stamp is $5. I don't mean to try and scare people off by posting all of these prices, but I do want folks to understand what the expenses are. We already have motel rooms reserved in Fairfield, by which we share the costs.

I have been able to meet/hunt with some really GREAT people from this site in our Illinois group. As a result of this listing, I hope to meet and hunt with a few more. Thanks for looking. (BTW, I work second shift and cannot access TnDeer at work. So, my reponses will be midmorning. Thanks.)
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