Well this is the fifth year I've hunted this area. My partner owns the farm and I have access to the one next to it. The last two mornings have really had the only nice weather so far this year. It has either been very cold or wet.

This morning I got there plenty early and it was the first morning I've heard the turkeys gobble on the roost. The other days have been silent. I still have not heard them gobble on the ground-not even once.

This morning I setup where the yellow "X" appears in the picture.
The reason why is on Saturday they landed where the orange "2" appears and then moved along that path and just vanished! Not sure where they even went. That morning I was setup where the Blue "X2" is located. The reasoning is I've seen them fly down twice to that corner and hoped to be waiting for them. Well they've changed it up now.

So this morning I'm sitting at the yellow "X" and they flew down where the red "T" is located! I thought I should have moved a little closer to the creek. There are a couple of round bails near there, but it was so dark and foggy I couldn't find them. The entire area is swampy ground.

To give you and even bigger key, the area left of the "X" is all swamp. To the top of the "X" there is a small seasonal stream that flows when there is lots of water. It is fed by a spring up near the edge of the woods. To the bottom of the screen is a LARGE creek, so big you can't cross it without a bridge or boat. It flows all along those treelines to the south of the "X".

This morning I setup with two hen decoys and my Killer B. They were about 20 yards away from me and facing the blind. The turkeys flew down near the red "T" and then worked their way along the creek. Currently the field has very short grass as it has been eaten down by the cows and horses (I hates them).

When they landed they paid no attention to my decoys at all and just started moving along the creek with two or three gobblers following behind them. I think there are ten hens and three gobblers, but again it is a little foggy there sometimes.

The turkeys kept moving to where it says "Jims". I reached down for a cracker and looked up and they were all gone! They flew across the creek! I expected them to turn around and head back towards me, but they left. I'm not sure if they saw me, but I was on my knees in the blind and couldn't see out at all.

These gobblers won't leave the hens and won't respond to calling at all. So my questions:

1) Should I just drop the blind and decoys and find a nice tree along the creek to lean against?
2) Could I be calling too much? I mean the only sounds I've heard is the gobblers on the roost and the dominate hen making a "cut". That is all the noise they've made.
3) Is it still too early in the year for these gobblers because of the weather? It doesn't look like they are actually mating, just following behind the hens.
4)They roost up on the hill near the "T". Should I borrow a boat or something and figure out a way across the creek? I mean they fly down into this field every morning to strut, so I'm guessing I'm fine where I'm at.

I could sure use some help! I'm feeling pretty pathetic since I've seen turkeys every time I've been here, but haven't gotten them to within even a hundred yards yet. \:\(