Last this evening I snuck of into the woods for some me time. I used a pic and busted a 2' hole into an old asphalt driveway... Ready now to install a "no trespassing" locked gate.

Then, I mixed up some "Perfect Deer Lick" and carried it the long walk back into the deep woods (truly, it was only about 3/4 mile... but long walk made it sound a whole lot better). \:D

Refreshed lick. Come and get it deery. TREAT is served. The mixture is 3 parts red mineral salt and 1 part di-calcium phosphate. I added about 4 gallons to this lick. The lick was a muddy wet slop when I walked up to it. I simply turned the mixture into the muddy slurry. Hope the deer appreciate all my hard work. \:\)

I took a different route leaving the lick and located a new hunting spot. It is an edge that looks highly travelled. This print was nice to see as well.

Finally, as I was making my way through the thicket, I flushed up two covey of quail (yes, I about dooded my pants) \:D About two yrs ago, this covey had almost given me a heart attack one night while leaving the woods. I am pleased to know they are still hanging around my woods.

Anyone else getting their licks refreshed?
NOTICE: The party in Hell has been canceled due to Fire!