Got setup on a roosted wma gobbler this morning that started gobbling at 5:35am and was tore-up in the tree—double and even triple gobbling at everything from planes to birds to barking dogs for the next 35 minutes. I let a soft yelp and down he came at 6:10am 40 yards from me. I was fixing to lower the boom, when all of a sudden two does popped up beside him out of a cistern off the lake that me and him where bordering. The lead doe saw me and came right to me (the bird is still directly behind her gobbling his butt off)....and I mean right to me. She stopped about 6ft in front of me and started head bobbing and then started stomping....I could hear every breath she was taking and I'm sure she could hear mine—along with smelling residual coffee, speedstick and who knows what else. Picturing me getting stomped to death and having to defend myself—and trying to splain that to the GW, I raised my fingers and waved at her. Off she went like she had just been shock-charged and off the gobbler went with them. I'm sure they are still running, but he only went about 60 yards to an old roadbed and started gobbling like crazy again. I backtracked and circled around to where I was about 70 yards down from him on the same roadbed and setup. Him still gobbling like crazy...I let out a soft yelp from a different mouth call and he comes running in looking for the hen, I let him get close and I nailed him at 13 yards at 6:20am. Nice to be back home and make fresh coffee and see my kids wake up after a successful hunt. \:\) Too bad the bird cooperated better with me than my two little monkeys did with pictures. \:\)

2-year old, 3/4" spurs, 8.5 beard and 19.3 lbs.