Hey man,.. i seen were you are planning on using this mix by whitetail institute. I have mostly started using my own mixes and got away from the big name seed companies. BUT,.. imperial products are at the top of the game besides tecomate chicory. Would you mind keeping me updated on your opinion of this product??
How big of spot are you putting it in?this is my first question..........

The main thing i'm looking at in that mix is the winter peas. I have never found a winter pea that can withstand the early grazing the deer put on it when its planted on a spot less than 2 acres. SO,.. if you are planting in a spot less than 2 acres,.. keep me updated on the growth of the winter peas in that mix.

If i can find a mix that the winterpeas will establish,.. i'll go back to it in my 1 acre plot. The problem i have is they will not let it establish,.. so it provides no benefit to my herd,.. or my hunting.

Also,.. keep me updated on the initial planting of the product. The oats and the winter pea are larger seeds than the brassicas and really require different planting depths. This was also a concern for me in that mix.

I would appreciate it.........DC007
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