I hit the Cumberland river today below Cordell Hull dam for some white bass fishing. I fished in my boat at the dam for a few hours and caught five or six nice ones but nothing special. I then started drifting downriver and started catching fish pretty regular about every 5 min or so. I then came across a creek that runs into the river and hooked into the fattest White bass I had ever seen. It was huge! So I got on the trolling motor pretty good to hold my ground against the current and cast back in there again and hooked up immediately. Next thing you know, I have been there for an hour and a half and have caught 70-80 of the biggest white bass I have ever seen! Also caught two stripers in the 7 pound range and several skipjack. My arms and shoulders were worn out from hauling them all in. Finally the current got faster cause they turned on another generator up at the dam and the fish turned off. I was grateful to quit at that point.

All fish were caught on a 1/8 ounce white hair jig with 6lb mono on a ultralight spinning rod. All were released to fight another day.

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