Early October this season I was hunting a swamp off of the Forked Deer river in Dyer County. About an hour before sunset I had a few does move through the bottom well within shooting range, but I elected to wait as I had a couple nice shooter bucks on trail cam. About 10 min after the does moved out of sight, I heard some heavy steps heading my way. It had the slow deliberate walk of a older buck in the leaves. I grabbed my bow and was preparing to get ready for big boy to pop out at any moment. Then there he was, a massive..... Donkey. Literally a donkey. There are no fences anywhere close, never the less any cattle farms in the area. No clue where this guy came from, nor does any of the neighbors to this property. I got some good video of him from the tree several times this fall. I thought about sending it to PRIMOS!

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