We showed up at 11:45 and there were a few other folks joining us in line to order. I brought a group of 5, with two other late-comers that arrived just before we were leaving.

Everyone in the group ordered a chopped pork, and one guy got a smoked sausage as well.

I got the jumbo chopped pork plate, which comes with about 3-4 servings of chopped pork in the sauce of your choice, a side of mustard-based slaw, beans, and a separate bun. With a can of soda thrown in, my total was only $7.55 including tax.

I love the fact that they let you make your own sandwich with the bun, because most places over-load the bun and make it soggy.

I never eat slaw on my BBQ sandwiches, but I've never tried it with mustard-based slaw. I thought it was an awesome combination and ended up eating my whole sandwich that way. After fishing the sandwich, I ate another sandwich's worth of meat with the fork. There was EASILY enough meat left after all that to make another big sandwich of BBQ. I stopped there and decided to bring the rest home to share with my wife.

As far as flavor goes, I'd say it's as good as any I've ever had. The meat texture (had a lot of runny liquid in the bottom) was not quite as good as my "standard" that I compare chopped sandwiches to - Brad's Barbecue (in historic Bartlett). Everything else about it was equal to or better, though.

The slaw was tops, the smokey flavor was very noticeable and tasty. I got the medium sauce (mild and hot also offered) and thought that it was high quality in flavor, although I expected it to be a tiny bit spicier. The beans had something different in their taste that I really liked, but I don't know what it was. The buns were toasted slightly on the griddle, which was awesome in helping the sandwich texture.

The health food score was a 93/100.

My scoring total...
Flavor/texture: 9
Value: 10
Dining area comfort: 8 (mostly because they kept the place too hot)
Cool factor: 9 (used to be an old automotive garage; the place has "street cred" as a legit establishment with real Memphis blood in it)
I'm hungry and tired. Don't poke my belly.