Okay, so a heated debate took place at the shop today about rebluing guns, with a non-customer mind you. Here's the 2 sided argument.

"Rebluing a gun destroys the value."
"No it doesn't. What makes you think that?"
"Because it's not the original finish"
"It's exactly the same as the original finish"
"But it's not the original finish".
"Okay, so if I have a 1953 Corvette that has rusted out fenders and faded paint, I sand it down to bare metal, prime it and paint it the exact same color and type of paint that GM used in 1953, did I destroy the value, or did I 'restore' the car?"
"Well, that's different"
"Because the car was neglected"
"So was this gun"
"But it's not original if you reblue it"
"Neither is the Corvette"
"It's not the same"
"So, if I buy a run down 4000 square foot plantation house, gut it and rebuild it, did I hurt the value, or help it?"
"well, you helped it, but that's different"

This was when I threw my hands in the air and returned to my work. Hopefully, you laughed. Now, all of you hard cores can tell me how I'm destroying history's artifacts.
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