So Friday we take middle daughter in for tooth pulling, she has three pulled due to crowding of baby teeth and adult teeth coming in. This went well, then the bombs started dropping.

1. Friday eve, Middle daughter has earache, off to Kroger minute clinic, yep ear infection.

2. Friday Night, get boat ready for fishing Sat. morning.

3. Get text asking if we are going to be at birthday party Sat. at 12:00ish, ooops, there goes fishing trip, of course we will be there.

4. Saturday morning, go to help youngest daughter brush hair, OMG there are critters moving in there!!! Head lice!! Inspect other two girls, find a few as well!! Call friend, nope we wont be at party! Send wife to pharmacy for chemicals and get on computer to reasearch.

5. Spend rest of day and night saturday washing linen, pillow cases, clothes, boiling hair brushes, spraying couches, carpets, mattreses, and vacuming and combing out nits from daughters hair.

6. Wifes car develops problem with push button starter, keeps telling us fob is not in to stupid car, now start! Finally works.

7. Spend Easter Sunday washing clothes, linens, towels, spraying couches and carpets and combing nits from daughters hair AGAIN!

8. Eat Easter dinner with my family (best part of my weekend)

9. Dog barfs the foulest pile of stuff I have ever smelled, house stinks!! Clean barf and air out house. Spray and vacuum and wash. remove nits from daughters hair.

10. Call school inform them of daughters head lice, school says oh ok, we just keep them in school and tell parents to get it treated! OMG!!

11. Drop wifes vehicle at dealer for repair, needs computer update.

12. Glad to be back at work!!!!

Now I know where the term "nit picker" comes from!!

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