Many folks eat lamb only one time a year, so the stores usually will have it loaded up and on sale. Costco was no exception. We eat it year round, so we just took advantage of the sales. We will probably hoard up on some tomorrow when they try to get rid of the remainder. Since their Frenched racks were pretty scrawny (long bones, thin loin....I think they cut the bones long just to milk the total price up), so we opted for their last two trays of (8) loin chops. Since we had planned on eating them last night for dinner, my usual day-long seasoning process would have to be substituted. I ended up seasoning all (16) chops the same, but I cooked (10) for dinner last night, and throwing the remaining (6) in a vacuum seal bag with a squirt of lemon and a healthy dash of olive oil. Since momma's all knocked up again, she's supposedly not allowed to eat meat the way it's supposed to be cooked (med-rare), but luckily, these chops held up to a med-well grill time.

I start with a very healthy dose of salt (most of the chops were at least 2" thick), then just eyeball all of this stuff:
Granulated garlic powder (I usually finely mince a whole head of fresh)
Penzey's "Mural of Flavor"
Penzey's Dried Lemon Peel (I usually zest 2 or more lemons)
Dried oregano and dried rosemary (I usually chop a bunch of it fresh)
And coated them almost entirely in fresh ground pepper.

Let that sit for about 2 hours, then flop on the grill about 5 mins/side

Last night, momma made a mushroom risotto....tonight was just a simple arugula and chopped tomato salad

Everything important in life was learned from Mary Jo Kopechne.