I guess this has been brewing for a few years now and I have overlooked it due to stupidity being a waste of my time but today a line was crossed.

Man has had permission to ride his four wheelers and dirt bikes in the field across the road ever since he was like 9.
2 or 3 years ago the guy that owns the land stopped by (we know him and go to church with him) and said he was gonna have to stop all the riding in the field due to getting so many calls of complaining.
They all came from the same woman.

Ok dude, no problem and man hasn't been in the field since.
There are several other four wheelers and bikes that still go through there on a pretty regular basis, but to my knowledge with the exception of one day when it snowed man has never been in it.

Anyway last week someone called the cops about man shooting guns.
Fine, even though he was perfectly within the law and completely safe, it is the world we live in and I can understand the noise issue so we won't be doing that anymore either, just to insure we, as hunters, don't get any more of a bad name.

Well today man came back from a friends on his four wheeler and was putting it in the shed and someone from that same house (that the woman lives in) was hollering at man.

He said it took him a minute to figure out where it was coming from and they said yeah you fat boy in the red shirt, I am talking to you.
Stay out of my field.

Of course my first instinct and desire was to go up there and explain to them what facial bones breaking sounded and felt like but I didn't.

Instead I did the yellow bellied coward piece of crap thing that they would do.
I called the cops.

They came and basically we explained what happened and why I thought it happened and I also told him that they very well could have seen someone in "their" field, that they don't own, and could have THOUGHT it was man.
In any case I explained to the officer that I would not tolerate my son being in MY yard and getting yelled at and called names.

I went on to say that I understood this was very juvenile but none the less, it would not be tolerated.
Because of the distance man told the officer that he could not identify the person 100% that did the yelling so there was really nothing they could do.

He explained what we needed to do in the future to "build our case" and go from there.

God how I long for the good ole days when complete and total morons and B's were few and far between. \:\(

Might get interesting for sure.
Youth is wasted on the young.