Me and a buddy were taking some fishing gear and my 12 gauge to wet a line and also shoot a couple paper targets to make sure I'm still good to kill a turkey. Well I'm holding the gun and we round a corner and there are 10 turkeys in the edge of a power cut. 3 or 4 hens and 6 or 7 toms, all blown up in strut. As we get closer the birds notice but aren't too spooked. I saw one of the toms breeding a hen and then she popped out from under him and ran to join the other hens as the birds slowly moved to keep their distance from us. I was thinking to myself, it's kind of tempting to shoot one, but I know better.... Could have just racked a shell and popped one. But it was enjoyable to see them and Saturday can't come soon enough. Wish I had permission to hunt that spot too. I got a few pics and video of the birds, but not sure how they turned out yet. Well we got to where we were headed and hit a couple paper turkey heads and tried to fish but they weren't biting. my gun is shooting as good as ever and I am ready to scout my new spot on public land in the morning. Just an update and ill try to get a pic up soon.