I had this thought while posting on something else. It has been many years since I hunted with anyone. I cannot remember the last time I hunted with a "hunting partner". I have been a solitary hunter for at least 10-years, probably longer and I enjoy hunting alone most of the time. Most of the larger deer I have killed, I scouted, hung the stand and made the shot. I like it that way.

For about three decades, I hunted with friends or professional associates. I enjoyed the camp camaraderie. But I also missed the freedom of doing it my way and on my time.

One by one, my partners died and I just did not replace them. I began to cultivate small landowners and got permission to hunt so long as I did not bring anyone. To date, I have four different parcels of land I can hunt alone. Three are loaded with deer and turkey. One has only deer as far as I know. One is within walking distance of my back door. I have killed scores of deer off these places and several turkeys. But they lack the enjoyment of scouting new, large timbers tracts. They do have the ease of what to do when you kill something.

Recently I got sorta invited to hunt a 200-acre farm a short drive from my house but I had to hunt with the landowner. I gave it a lot of thought. He is a super nice guy and from the way he talks, a pretty good hunter. I am kinda looking forward to hutning with him some. We share many of the same interests and read the same books. He is a retired college professor and keeps me on my toes. He told me I could hunt however I liked so long as it was legal.

Could be, I have fount a new podnah.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.