Everybody's patience that is.Me,my wife,and our 17 month daughter moved in with my parents back in June,so my wife and I could pay off all our bills and save a little to buy a house. Well we are debt free as of last month and the houseing market is very slow around here.Very few houses out there in our price range that are nice and are in the area we want.I am thankful for my parents and love them to death,but 2 famlies in the same house....Well yeah,im sure some of you can imagine the head aches that come with it.. \:D We are ready to find a house,we are trying our best to be rational about it and not rush into a house just for the sake of getting our own place again. Im just trying to keep the peace for hopefully 1 more month.Hopefully the lord will provide us a house that is suitable within the next few weeks. We'll just keep praying for it.
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