Anybody here remember when we had Groundhogs? Surely there are a few serious groundhog hunters from the past here? I sure do miss those little miniature grizzlies as I used to call them. They look like a grizzly bear when standing up looking for danger. I grew up on a cattle farm with several alfalfa hay fields and all our pastures had clover mixed with the grass so groundhogs were everywhere. Surrounding farms always had soybeans too. I used to drive the tractor with one hand so I could carry a rifle. Never left the house without a rifle for years. I started out stalking with a 22Lr then graduated to centerfires. Both light weight "walking varminters" and heavy barrel guns for sitting in a fencerow watching huge fields.

Sadly I don't think those days will ever come back. Coyotes most of the hogs. Coyotes aren't going away and as such, I don't shoot the few groundhogs we have anymore. I could hunt coyotes but it's just not the same for a rifle shooter. \:\)

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