1. Start work early - you need to reset the biological clock for next week

2. Be thankful for the bad weather - good weather would have made it impossible to work today

3. Post on TnDeer to see what others think about the affect of today's weather on what the turkeys will do tomorrow

4. Write number three on tomorrow's to-do list - the weather will be different tomorrow and it might impact Saturday, either way more of a reason to talk turkeys

5. Work - depress yourself while reminising about college when class was always optional

6. Have a home office - Lucky me!

7. Stop work to practice your turkey calls in your office - ignore your wife yelling at you to stop

8. Leave ridiculously early for your lunch meeting - turn a 15 minute drive into 45 by driving backroads looking for turkeys

9. Resist the urge to accelerate when a strutting tom is in the middle of the road

10. Post a useless list on TnDeer


Did I miss any?
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