Ok I got a Rem. 788 30/30,I have 2 Burris Fillefield 2 Scopes I can mount on it both Ballistic Plex.
1- 2x7x35mm Shotgun/Muzzleloader Scope Matte
1-3x-9xx40mm Matte

Got'em both out a little while ago to make sure they would fit with the rings I have,either will work A-OK.

The 2x7 is cataloged as being 1/2" clicks @ 100 while the booklet and turret caps are marked 1/4".It is shorter and a little lighter than the 3-9 but not by much,not enough to really matter.Both look good on it.

Can't decide which one to mount on it,leaning towards the 2x7x.

So Which one in your all opinion?
Have a Great Day and God Bless

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