CVS does NOT do a health screening for prospective employees. They do NOT know what the numbers are for an emplyee that does a health screening. The screening is voluntary and you get a DISCOUNT on insurance for doing it.
The crap I have been reading couldn't have been written any better by Walgreen's themselves.
We have been doing health screenings as a benefit for years. Starting last year, you got a premium discount if you participted. No one was charged more for bad numbers. I know this because my BMI was still to high, my good choleserol was non-existant and my sugar and Bp were too low. I still got that discount.
Anyway, Thanks for reading. I was getting angrier and angrier at the bs that is being thrown out there and decided to share what I know about it.
I wonder if it has to do with our stock jumping $4.50 a share last week????
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